What’s it About?

DigitalSilence is committing to 3 days without technology and reconnecting with reality. We all recognise the importance of the digital world around us and for most it seems impossible to live without. Checking social updates, surfing the web, watching TV, on-line gaming and having an app for everything is now a large part of our leisure time.

What DigitalSilence offers is a choice, to take a break from our digital environment, to help encourage face to face relationships and appreciate the world around us. It’s not a ban, its a fast from anything digital, where you replace the time you would have interacted with a device with something tangible.

Some of the things you may consider going without:

Laptops/ComputersInternet – no facebook/twitter/email/youtube

Mobiles – no texting/social updates

TV sky/dvds/blueray

MP3 players

Games consoles


This list can be made as long as you need. For complete DigitalSilence you would need to cut everything out, but you may start by choosing a handful from the list.
We would love to hear how you get on, so please leave your thoughts and suggestions. If you appreciated the time share this group with someone else.

We hope that you are able to embrace Life to its full.


*Please note: if you are a child/teen that needs to be contactable by a parent please carry your mobile phone with you for safety*

3 Responses to What’s it About?

  1. Rhiannon says:

    I only just found this digital silence thing, but what is weird is that, me and a couple of my friends from the 14th – 20th of march we had to survive a week without technology, and if we fell back and used technology we all had to live without something we loved for another whole week, like chocolate for example.
    I also found that in that week of no technology, I did go out more, and actually speak to people face to face. I think we all miss out on those times where we could have with people that on the computer or on our mobiles.
    It was a hard week, but totally worth it. Everyone should do it at least once. makes you feel so much better, and makes you realise how much we depend on technology.

  2. Thanks for your message Rhiannon, It’s really encouraging that you found being without technology for a short time helped you and your friendships. By taking the timeout to do DigitalSilence we can become less of a slave to our digital worlds and more of a master of it. We can choose what/who we interact with.
    From the responses I have had so far to last weekend It sounds as if people have benifited in number of different ways , I hope to share some of the stories over the next few weeks and days.
    Thanks again

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