Banal Status Updates

2004 – That was the year Facebook started, and now 845 million use it to connect with people all around the world, people they haven’t met for years and friends they want to socialise with.

But there is a growing amount of users that use Facebook as a chance to update us every minute of the day with the most banal/bland/uninteresting posts.  Here are a few that stand out taken from a dedicated blog called banal status updates:

  • ‘Had a lovely tea tonight chicken and chips followed by ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream’
  • ssssooooo devo…… just burnt the best looking egg and bacon pie i ever made.
  • I think my wonderful new curtains are already working their magic. Hurray for blackout lining! And now to tidy the kitchen…
  • SJ is a bit sleepy

So next time you update Facebook, think, does this need to be shared with everyone, or is it only relevant to me.

Leave your thoughts below.

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