Digital Free Zone?

‘When was the last time you sat in a room without looking at a tablet or a smartphone? I know, I know, you had to check that thing for work. Or see what Ashton Kutcher was screwing up on Twitter.’ The opening paragraph from The Globe and Mail website.

Good question. Our homes and work are full of technology, and we now carry mobile devices with us where ever we go. The question is should we create Digital Free zones in our homes and work places?  Is this even possible.

Take the bedroom for example, some have TVs and others mobiles, games consoles, and ipads etc. Does this help with a calm and peaceful night sleep, what is going around our heads. What has happend to reading before bed or prayer?

Do we rely on going on holiday to force us out of this digital cycle. Is this the only place you can actually get some peace?

Think about how you could De-tech one room in your home.

other intresting links: unplugged space , walden zones

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1 Response to Digital Free Zone?

  1. Dzha says:

    I’m starting to think about a vacation from digital stuff…
    When i think about it in 10 years we could all be dying from cancers and tomors which we contracted from being in the magnetic field of devices like mobile phones and PC’s.

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