Joint DigitalSilence 26th-28th March!

If you have not given DigitalSilence ago yet why not join us on 26th-28th March for a joint effort. 3days without Technology to give you an opportunity to reconnect with friends, neighbours and family.

On the 26th March at 8:30 Earth Hour are asking people to turn off lights for an hour, so what better time to join them. By going without technology you could also be saving electricity and contributing to help combat climate change, read more from the above link.

If you feel you couldn’t go completely without all technology why not try one or two items like: No internet & No Tv or No mobile & No Xbox. By giving up the time you spend with these gadgets you could rediscover friendships for those 3 days.

To make life easier plan ahead! Think about what you want to give up and let people know what you are planning to do. You could organise to go to a friend’s house, or meet up for a meal. Or why not plan to some of those things you have been putting off, DIY, going to the Gym etc…

Whatever you do give it a go!

Join the DigitalSilence facebook event to show your support.

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