60 Second Interview – Matt Plummer

Matt is studying an MA in Graphic Design & Communication, is talented drummer, and alround nice guy… oh and he has been off Facebook for a while, this was our 6osec interview with him:

What made you give up facebook?
Spent average of 4 hours on there. Something about notifications that kept making me crawl back!

Is it for good or will you return?
Totally good for me. I probably will return as this is my 3rd time in 6 years of deleting my account.

Do you feel you are disconnected from friends?
A little because everyone I know communicates through it. But people who really want to write or talk to me are happy to do so through e-mail and mobile.

What were/are the benifits?
Since I don’t live in halls, Facebook was great for meeting up with my class at University. Also for discussion on subjects we have in common.

Have you replaced it with anything else?
Yes, making music and researching things that interest me.

Have you you ever tried digitalsilence(3days without technology)?

What one gadet could you not do without?
Laptop since that’s how I record my music.

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