The Value of Community

“There can be no doubt that as mankind has progressed technologically, politically and economically, that local communities have suffered.

This is especially relevant to the western world, where regions no longer have what used to be termed a ‘ local community ‘.”

“With the modern world pushing us forward, is there any value left in the community? Or is a community a thing of the past? With every individual and family living in their own private bubble?”

Explore some of the benefit of rekindling the community here

When you plan your 3 days without technology, think about community, think about replacing the time spent on machines with connecting with friends, neighbours, family. Rebuilding community brings the best out of you and the people you meet, it can radically change your area you live in.

If you have a story of how community has impacted your neighbourhood, post a comment below.

image by see ming lee at flickr

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