Why Social Networks are Sucking Up More of Your Time

Think Facebook sucks up your time? Well, it’s only going to get worse, according to a study that suggests users become more active in online social networks the bigger they become. Check it out here

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2 Responses to Why Social Networks are Sucking Up More of Your Time

  1. Bioshox says:

    I only think studies like think over-study a topic like this, there taking over our lifes because it’s a new shiny toy nobody has come across before, in a few years it will all be the normal, i mean, c’mon if someone averaged the ammount of time somebody spent on a phone, or infront of the television from the past generation, I’m sure it would equate to the same!

    • Thanks for your comment, I actually think I agree, I know when I got my new mobile it I was totally into it then its appeal eased. The point of digitalsilence though is to raise awareness for some, that there is life behond their digital world. And for some, even if its temporary, social networking is the thing that is hindering them in life, as they spend a large proportion of their time only connecting digitally with people. For others its still TV, or email etc.
      Taking abreak from the every day interaction with technology, helps to reconnect with reality, friends, family and put things into perspective.
      Thanks for checking it out.

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