Hand Write a Letter?

Emails are common place and have revolutionised the way we communicate, but can can often feel impersonal to read. A text message is fired off in a moment as is a status update declaring your love for someone or something. Could this encourage the return of the humble hand written letter.

I was sent a friends music CD he has spent most of his life making and hugely appreciated listening to it. I needed to pay him for it and thought it was easier to send a cheque. What I found as I was placing the cheque in the envelope was the sense that this was not enough, it was not ok to just send him payment, I felt urged to write a small note. I scribbled down my thoughts on certain tracks I liked and kept it simple. It felt strange, writing in pen and ink, I had forgotten how your hand can feel sore when out of practice! But it was worth it, I had a great response from my friend which has now spurred me to write another. The feeling of getting hand written post is great, you feel like someone has taken time out of their busy life to write specifically to you.

Give a try when your on your digitalsilence, Check out the basics of writing a letter at wikihow

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