Welcome to DigitalSilence

Welcome to DigitalSilence,  Can you commit to 3 days without technology?

We all use and need technology in today’s world, but for all its benefits, of which there are many, there is also room and need to have a break from our digital world. Time to reconnect with people and reality.

We would encourage you to take a step back from the digital world, to meet up with friends and family, to read a book or newspaper, to make a call and speak to an old friend, to do those DIY jobs you have been putting off, to bake a cake, to have a meal out with friends or loved one, to go to the park, pray, play music, a sport or anything else that would help you connect with reality.

We believe in life to the full, so we are not anti-technology but we are pro-reality. Get the most out of each day, and live the best life you can.

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